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Track List :

1. On
2. Junky
3. Vermin
4. Entropy
5. Slave
6. Whore
7. Spine
8. Skin
9. Dirt
10. Atrophy
11. Cancer
12. Rape


“The crushing vibe of the record is delivered with beautiful clarity, adding to the enjoyment of a very heavy and very unique band.” – Bill Whish,

Recorded in seven studios in three different countries, and featuring six vocalists, two bass players and two drummers, ‘n0n’ is the most dense and meticulous extreme metal album you will ever hear. Guest appearances by Nergal of BEHEMOTH, Jason Mendonca of AKERCOCKE and Alex Pope of RUINS, among others, are subsumed into a claustrophobic maelstrom of sound. This is truly extreme music.

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