Discount Codes

From time to time we offer discount codes for use on the site. Discount codes cannot be used together; only 1 code can be applied at a time. We offer an ongoing FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $89 discount for items shipped within Australia. To take advantage of this the code FREEPOST must be entered at checkout. We cannot retroactively apply this discount if it wasn’t entered correctly.

Where is my order?

Please check your tracking information that is automatically sent to you before contacting us! Each order comes with tracking, that will tell you where your order is. We cannot give you any more information than that.

All shipping enquiries - delays, lost or damaged items must be initiated with the shipping provider first. We cannot resend an item without it being declared lost or damaged by them as we can apply for insurance on your behalf and resend the item.

Have you shipped my order yet?

We try to initiate shipping orders within 24hours of receiving them.

If your order contains a PREORDER item, it won’t be shipped until all items arrive at our warehouse - we don’t split shipments.

I made a mistake, can I change my order before it ships?

If you email us as soon as you have made the mistake, then yes we can fix it. Once shipped, obviously this is not possible. You will then have to go through the returns process, which is on our SHIPPING, RETURNS & EXCHANGES page.


We have activated a tipping option on the site. Please do not feel obliged to tip! If you do tip, we want you to know that all tips are equally divided among all staff members, once a month. We appreciate your custom greatly, and truly enjoy our jobs. These tips are a bonus.

There is a misprint on my garment

If there is a printing error and it has slipped through quality control, please let us know. Please be aware - printing over zips (on Zip-Up hoods), and any seams (on all garments) is not an exact science and some imperfections will occur. 

I have a band / company, can I sell my merch on your store?

Contact us and we can discuss whether this is possible. 

Can you help me print merchandise?

Contact us and we can discuss whether this is possible. 

I would like a job, can I submit a resume?

Sure, but we are currently not hiring.