THE AMENTA - 'Chokehold / V01d' CD

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Track List :

1 Empty
2 V01d
3 Erebus
4 Ache
5 Junky
6 Spine
7 Null
8 Vermin
9 Nihil
10 Nil
11 Enigmatize
12 None
13 Chokehold
14 Christbait Rising
15 Junky (Remix)
16 Nihil (Remix)
17 Vermin (Remix)
18 Erebus (Remix)


“VO1D has got to be one of the most eerie, punishing, flawless, inspiring, sinisterly beautiful and intense E.P's that I've ever had the pleasure of listening to, and that is why it absolutely deserves that very elusive 100/100”  - Stephen Samara, Voltage Media

“Chokehold / “V01D” combines two releases from The Amenta on one disc. 2011’s monumental “V01D” release, featuring exclusive tracks, an ARMOURED ANGEL cover, re-recorded favourites, ambient experiments and remixes, is paired with 2012’s “Chokehold”. “Chokehold” features a cover of the GODFLESH classic, ‘Christbait Rising’ and the original track, ‘Choke Hold’, written in the style of the “Streetcleaner” aesthetic, as well as live tracks and a remix. Originally released digitally, this is a rare and sought after physical release of these two important releases from Australia’s nastiest band.

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