TESTAMENT - 'Seen Between the Lines' DVD

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TESTAMENT - 'Seen Between the Lines' DVD (ESA-DV-710007)

Originally released in 1991 on VHS, this fully re-mastered DVD contains live material of the band centred around founder members Eric Peterson and vocalist Chuck Billy.

The footage shown was shot during TESTAMENT's 1991 world-tour at various places all over the world. As an extra bonus, the DVD will also cover video clips for the songs "Nobody's Fault", "Practise What You Preach", "Souls Of Black" and "The Legacy", rare video interview clips, "a dinner with Testament", scenes from the Japanese leg of the tour plus additional discography, image gallery & biography sections.

Track list:

1        Eerie Inhabitants
2        Face In The Sky
3        Greenjouse Effect
4        Souls Of Black
5        Sins Of Omission
6        Disciples Of The Watch
7        Nobody's Fault (Video)
8        Practice What You Preach (Video)
9        Souls Of Black (Video)
10      The Legacy (Video)

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