THE AMENTA - 'Flesh Is Heir' CD

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Track List :

1. Flesh Is Heir
2. Ego Ergo Sum
3. Teeth
4. A Womb Tone
5. Obliterate's Prayer
6. Sewer
7. The Argument
8. Cell
9. Disintegrate
10. A Palimpsest
11. Tabula Rasa

“‘Flesh Is Heir‘ has progressed The Amenta into a more precise industrial black metal machine” - Alex Boniwell, Terrorizer Magazine.

‘Flesh is Heir’ is the third full-length album from The Amenta and is a bleak and dirty journey through mental decay and pressure. Death metal, black metal, noise and ambience are synthesised into a new sound. Organic and ugly, ‘Flesh is Heir’ is challenging music, not for the faint of heart.

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