Staff Picks: Vol 4
Spring is here! And what better way to celebrate the end of the cold season than with a new edition of Staff Picks. Check out what our DIRECT MERCH staff have been listening to lately below, we hope you find something sick!

Incantation - Sect of Vile Divinities
Skeletal Remains - The Entombment of Chaos
Al Caiola - Mexican Guitars
Ulver - Flowers of Evil
Logic - No Pressure
Wardruna - Skald
Bestial Warlust - Vengeance War Til Death

Enslaved - Blodhemn
Beherit- Drawing Down The Moon
Mizmor - Yodh
Skáld - Vikings Chant
Sowulo - Mann
Schammasch - Triangle
LLNN - Deads
Helfró - Helfró
AHAB - The Divinity of Oceans
Cult of Fire- Ascetic Meditation of Death

Sundr - Solar Ships
Napalm Death - Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism
Mylingar - Döda Själar
Spook the Horses - Empty Body
Fall of Messiah - Senicarne
Rope Sect - The Great Flood
Selbst - Relatos De Angustia
Black Sheep Wall - I'm Going To Kill Myself
'68 - Love Is Ain't Dead
Odoacer - There The Vultures Will Gather
Haux - Violence in a Quiet Mind
Eden Straits - The Morrigan
Calligram - The Eye is the First Circle
Hræ - Þar sem skepnur reika
Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition, Chapter II: Render Unto Eden

Accept Death - Accept Death
Seven Foot Spleen - Enter Therapy
Hanging Rotten - Your Cheatin’ Heart
Mugwart - Discography
Contaminated - Final Man
Cock And Ball Torture - Egoleech
Retaliation - Violence Spreads It‘s Drape
Apartment 213 - Vacancy
Drip - Learning About Manners
Noisear - Submit To The Subliminal
Ancient Sickness - The Age Of Sickness
Dystopia - The Aftermath