IRON REAGAN - 'The Tyranny of Will' LP

IRON REAGAN - 'The Tyranny of Will' LP


'The Tyranny of Will' LP Black Variant.

Track List :

A1. Tyranny Of Will
A2. I Won't Go
A3. Eyeball Gore
A4. Close To Toast
A5. Bet On Black
A6. Miserable Failure
A7. The Living Skull
A8. In Greed We Trust
A9. Glocking Out
A10. Rat Shit
A11. U Lock The Bike Cop
A12. Broken Bottles
B1. Bleeding Frenzy
B2. Bored To Death
B3. Class Holes
B4. Obsolete Man
B5. Nameless
B6. Exit The Game
B7. Your Kid's An Asshole
B8. Patriotic Shock
B9. Bill Of Fights
B10. Consensual Harassment
B11. Just Say Go
B12. Four More Years