HEAVY MUSIC ARTWORK - 'Archaic Modernism - The Art of Christophe Szpajdel' Book

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HEAVY MUSIC ARTWORK - 'Archaic Modernism - The Art of Christophe Szpajdel' Book

Dimensions 170 x 245mm (6.7 x 9.64 inches)

Gloss Hardback
Sewn Binding
Silk 252 pages
150gm pages
Dust jacket

Heavy Music Artwork launches "Lord of the Logos" Christophe Szpajde's second volume 'Archaic Modernism'. Christophe's work is extremely sought after, and it has now gained interest from clients outside the metal scene. By far one of the most prolific but also the furthest reaching artist with now around 10,000 logos completed to date. Art Deco and Art Nouveau are the real sources of inspiration, exploring the abyss of imagination in crafting a logo and at the same time, aesthetically pleasant, attractive and functional. 'Archaic Modernism' takes a journey into the artist visual universe and philosophy, accompanied by the works of Stanislav Krawczyk.

'Lord of the Logos' was a more static approach, displaying different logos and landscape photographs that were part of my creativity. Inspirations from floral, natural water, reflections, trees that are part of a source of the environment is where I am getting my inspiration, especially in black metal logos. The second book is going to have a more dynamic approach. It's going to denote the interaction I have with my clients and also how I can integrate the research, nature, and the environment as well as architecture and the new elements. 'Archaic Modernism' is a journey to reinvent myself completely. Like every journey, like every growth that is ugly in the beginning, it gets messy in the middle. I am reassuring that for every logo collaboration I'm doing with a client, the result will be gorgeous in the end and that is an important thing.

It's not the destination, but it's the journey itself that helps you to develop yourself and helps you to gain success. There will be three important notions in this book: time, simplicity, and temperament. The notion of time is going from prehistorical, archaic, logos, up to very futuristic logos. The notion of temperament is the notion of very smooth logos, like flowing like a gentle river, to wrecked logos with lots of broken lines, and a notion of simplicity. Simplicity is a very simple logo, literally readable within a split second, instantly recognisable. What are the three pillars of 'Archaic Modernism'. The reason why I'm doing this book is I have made a promise to everyone in the world of graphic designers, as well as metal fans, as well as people who are keen on discovering what I do that is going to come up with a sort of the following book.

The next chapter of 'Lord of the Logos' is 'Archaic Modernism'. It's the logical continuation. Compared to the 'Lord of Logos', which are a departure point, Archaic modernism' is a real journey. It's a journey of discovery, a journey of amazingness. And I've teamed up with quite a lot of people, especially Stan Dark Art, who does illustration and has a very large following in the US and has done several exhibitions, which are actually supporting this book. And I encourage everyone to support this book because this book is what I have promised you for over ten years.

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