DANIEL EKEROTH - 'Swedish Death Metal' Book

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The ultimate blow-by-blow account of Sweden's legendary death metal underground, based on exclusive interviews with members of Nihilist/ Entombed, In Flames, At the Gates, Dismember, Grave, Hypocrisy, Opeth, Unleashed, Marduk, Morbid, Mob 47, Deranged, Edge of Sanity, Merciless, Therion, Liers in Wait, Carnage, Carcass, Tiamat/Treblinka, Afflicted, Repugnant, and The Haunted.

- 450 densely-illustrated pages
- Heavy-duty 130gsm paper
- Revised and Expanded 300-page history, PLUS 150 pages including highly opinionated band encyclopedia, gallery, and fanzine bibliography.

Written by Daniel Ekeroth (of Insision, Tyrant, Dellamorte, Diskonto; and author of Violent Italy)

"Finally, the true story of Swedish death metal! This book brought me back to the good old days"-Tomas Lindberg, At the Gates/ Grotesque/Disfear

"Death metal ruled my adolescent years. The problem is I don't remember half of it! This tome of dark recollections is the chance to set things straight."-Nicke Andersson, Nihilist/Entombed/The Hellacopters

"Read this book if you are willing to be subjected to the story behind the extreme face-melting, flesh-ripping, ear-slaying, gut-blasting phenomenon known as Swedish death metal!"-Chris Reifert, Death/Autopsy

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