ABRAMELIN - 'Never Enough Snuff' 2xLP (PREORDER)

ABRAMELIN - 'Never Enough Snuff' 2xLP (PREORDER)



"Greetings Abramelin fans far & wide
As you may or may not know, Melbourne is in stage four lock-down now which is affecting most businesses in one way or another. In amongst this is Zenith Records, who are (were) manufacturing the Never Enough Snuff LPs. Zenith are now on hold for the next month and will resume production as soon as they are able to. The good news is that all Snuff printed parts are done and the vinyl is the next test pressing in line; so as soon as they are back in action, we’ll make the approvals as fast as we can.
Thanks to everyone for their support and kind words for what must be the weirdest time to release a new album ever, especially your first release in two decades! This is so far removed from what we originally had planned for the Snuff release but even though we keep hitting obstructions along the way, we will continue to find ways to deliver our blood-soaked offerings to you all.
Stay safe, stay sane, stay brutal."


'Never Enough Snuff' 12" Black Variant.

Shipping TBC (aiming for last week of Sept / first week of Oct. If your order contains both preorder and current items, the full order will be shipped when the preorder becomes available. Any changes to schedule will be updated via our website and social media.

Track List:

1. Never Enough Snuff
2. Knife-Play
3. Full Gore Whore
4. Moon Dogs
5. The Peeler
6. Horror-zontal
7. Play With Your Prey
8. Sparagmos
9. A Head Fuck
10. * Pleasures 2019